Martinis and Popcorn: Off Beat Laughter

Hollywood wants you to laugh, but will you? This weekend is packed with box office heavy weights hoping their comedic timing will bring in the numbers for their summer releases.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an indie film to promote at the end so if you’re not interested in either Knight & Day or Grown Ups, I suggest seeing Toy Story 3 to satisfy your hope for laughter.

But the previews for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s Knight & Day have actually made me laugh. I think its the ability Tom Cruise has to laugh at himself even when rumors circulate about an open marriage and his toddler tantrums about not being crazy.

Plot: A rogue secret agent (Cruise) and a classic car mechanic (Diaz — really? Not sure if I believe this) have a chance meeting making Diaz the target. Expect high energy and… Jerry Maguire? At least that’s the Cruise the studio wants you to believe you will see.

What to look for? Camera magic. Notoriously known to be short, cinema magic somehow makes Cruise the same height as the long-legged Diaz and avoids side-by-side full length shots as much as possible!

Grown Ups will provide typical slap stick humor Adam Sandler is known for with a pretty face ie Salma Hayek as his wife.

“Sandler plays a successful talent agent while Hayek
defines his work-obsessed, clothes designer wife
. They both take a
break from their busy schedules to attend a lakeside resort reunion with
Sandler’s childhood friends who were members of a small town basketball
team, played by Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider
and Kevin James.”

The premiere came and went… and so will this movie.