Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Inception’ and ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’

I realize no matter what I say, there’s one movie and one movie alone on your mind that you intend on seeing and nothing I say will change that.

So the question is, do I spoil it for you?

If you’ve been anticipating Leonardo DiCaprio’s summer sure-to-be-hit Inception, the chances are you’ve been doing enough spoiling on your own. Not on purpose, but because trailer after trailer has still given you no idea as to what this movie is about other than Leo will be award-worthy.

It seems director Christopher Nolan is able to evoke an even further depth of character from Leo than director Martin Scorsese, which at first seems damn near impossible, but everyone’s a buzz about this film and the twisted mind games it intends to play.

But for those at the starting line, here’s a baby step: Inception follows a team of criminals, led by Dom (DiCaprio) who infiltrate and steal information from people’s dreams. However, on this special occasion, the task is different: implant an idea and make the man believe it’s his own.

Surface stuff, baby. I’m sure it’s deeper than that. But, I bet you’ll still be confused when you walk out of the theater. My suggestion is to see the film at least 2-3 times before passing judgment or attempting to explain to others.

And after the grueling churning of the circuits, you might want to step into The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Based on Disney’s Fantasia, the PG film appropriately stars Nicholas Cage who proves he lost his mind and some resemblance of a career somewhere along the line.

Still, his zaney antics will allow the confusion to settle before you attempt to understand the work of art that is Inception.