Martinis and Popcorn: For Your ViewEng Pleasure

May 6th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Socialite Life movie lovers, there will be times I surprise you with movie oddities you’d never imagine… but today is not one of them.

Two words, one number: Iron Man 2.

The countdown is finally up and the film premieres this weekend! I can’t really pinpoint what I’m looking forward to most.

- Super buff Robert Downey, Jr. kick ass in his continuous reign at the top

- Sexy Scarlett Johnansson in a skintight one piece sure to make tongues wag (reminding me I need to get my act in gear for summer)

- Mickey Rourke as the bad ass villain, Whiplash

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know anything I’m about to tell you.

Hmm… what random fact can I throw at you? I usually always giggle at Rourke’s oddball ways so here’s one: “Rourke, known for being so attached to his recently deceased pet pooch that he used to insist it appear in all his movies, is here given a bizarre fixation on a pet cockatoo [in the film]” leaks E! Online.

More movie recommendations are after the jump.

Anti-violence and good movie fun? Try the documentary film, Babies.“We
meet the easygoing Ponijao, her mother and other members of her Himba
tribe outside her family’s dirt hut in Namibia. Curious Bayarjargal
lives with his parents and siblings and a herd of cattle on their farm
in remote Mongolia. Mari has a toy-filled existence in a small
apartment with her parents in Tokyo. Hattie lives a pampered American
life in San Francisco with parents,” explains USA Today of the film that follows these four babies from very different backgrounds of life.What
to expect? Cooing, giggles… and nothing else. No narration, no
scientific information or anything to corrupt the viewing of simple
innocence.Come to think of it, this might be a nice break from reality. I think we just found the formula to World Peace. 

By Samantha Eng

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