Martinis and Popcorn: For Your ViewEng Pleasure

It’s a nightmare fest this weekend, Socialite Life movie lovers. Hollywood wants to slaughter you in your dreams, kill you with cuddly animals and make medical science scare the crap out of you.

1, 2… Freddy’s coming for you.. again.

More specifically, A Nightmare on Elm Street is debuting this weekend. Director Samuel Bayer teams up with Producer Michael Bay for the remake, begging the question: can you stay awake?

Although we usually have high hopes when Bay is tied on as a producer, it seems critics are calling this remake a snort fest with amplified scream interjecting your dreams.

If you know the story, then staying awake is a good warning. Child molester Freddy Krueger is served justice by the parents of his victims who take it upon themselves to burn the criminal alive. But the twist, Freddy comes back to haunt them and kill them in their dreams.

I prefer to sleep, but in case you need more reasons to see this film, here are a few:

- Bayer directed a few Nirvana music videos back in the day, so the audience is sure to get a few visual stimulations.
- Speaking of visual stimulations, Kellan Lutz is trying his hand in the horror spectrum to prove he’s not pretty. I think he’s pretty, but in case you don’t, then you’ll enjoy seeing his demise. Sorry for the spoiler, but Lutz doesn’t make the cut for the sequel.
- The sequel which will inevitably happen according to the ending.

Are we shocked? No. Hollywood loves stretching things longer than needed and coming up with non-original ideas.

More weekend movie picks are after the jump.

For those of us that enjoy our sleep and prefer it to be with stuffed
animals, try out Furry Vengeance with Brendan Fraser and
Brooke Shields
. Seriously, Fraser’s movies as of late makes
me wonder what happened to the guy that I liked so much in Encino
and School Ties… maybe even The Mummy. Anyway,
this movie is a cuddle fest for those who want to waste their movie
dollars.If you’ve made it this far, then here’s a special twist I
award you for dealing with the unfortunate movies that are out this
weekend.Ever hear of The Human Centipede?
I barely made it through the trailer without freaking out, but for
those who don’t believe me, check
out these spoilers
and get ready to feel your stomach turn. I
watched the trailer Sun and I’m still creeped out.