Martinis and Popcorn: For Your ViewEng Pleasure

Still working on a catchy title for the weekly movie column, Socialite Life movie lovers. But more importantly, what’s in store for you at this weekend’s box office: J.Lo’s infamous ass and some ass-kicking fight scenes!

It was impossible to not notice Jennifer Lopez’s non-stop promotion of
The Back-Up Plan. She even tasted perfume?
Thankfully the debut weekend has come so this mommy of two will slow down… then again, this is J.Lo we’re talking about. Not sure if that’ll ever
happen, especially with an album in the works.

It “doesn’t
completely suck”
, but the best review comes from Movieline, although the headline makes me shudder a bit. In actuality, this
film has an ok storyline: 30 something-year-old Zoe (Lopez), is a career girl who meets the perfect guy… after she’s pregnant by artificial insemination. Insert 40 crinkly-nosed, cute faces by Lopez and you’ve got the whole movie.

But, if you’re going to see it — watch the pup in the wheelchair who provides great comic relief in the cutaways.

Read about The Losers after the jump

Sadly, I haven’t heard much promise on the wire about The
and I’m a big fan of Hollywood making films from comics,
too. Unlike Death at a Funeral, this
all-star cast might not be able to help thie film
, which is full of
blood and violence. When will studios learn that you need more than blood,
violence and a pretty face
to make a truly successful movie?And
by the pretty face, I mean Zoe Saldana who graces the screen in slinky
action wear that resembles body paint accessorized with a belt and
killer boots
showing off those long legs… that were digitally
enhanced in Avatar?Apparently, the answer is “no” but if
you want to check it out for yourself, the box
office, record breaking film
is set to debut on DVD this weekend.Now
the BIG question is…. do
we see them have sex