Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Eat, Pray, Love” “The Expendables” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

This weekend movies fans will flock to the theaters to Eat, Pray, Love and by next year, there will be an increase of yoga studio memberships, classes teaching Italian and oh yes, plane tickets to Bali. Because who would think twice about a possible chance of meeting someone that even slightly resembles Javier Bardem? (damn you, Penelope Cruz and all your luck)

Julia Roberts, Bardem and James Franco did the normal rounds of thankful smiles while studio execs shamelessly promoted the sights and scents of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller with hopes that fans will follow page to popcorn and see the adaptation in theaters.

With The Other Guys’ debut knocking Inception off the weekend box office throne, the question plaguing movie obsessors is not what numbers Eat, Pray, Love will rack in (women dominating the ticket sales is obvious here), but will it make bigger bank against the testosterone fueled The Expendables.

Resembling the “perfect storm” of action films, director Sylvester Stallone rallied the troops of old school action heroes into one movie: himself – of course, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jet Li and even, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This would resemble the grown man’s Spice Girl group, I guess… Old Spice, Hot Spice, Off Spice, Bald Spice, Export Spice and Over Spiced.


Truth be told, the cast has built enough anticipation that there’s not even a need for plot summaries!

Last but certainly not least: the off-beat humor of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which will bring in its own audience: a demographic dedicated to the Super Bad boy, Michael Cera and his entourage.

Perhaps with the money he makes, he can afford to buy himself some new pants.