Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Easy A,’ ‘The Town,’ ‘Devil’ and ‘Alpha and Omega’

Ending the Summer slump, Hollywood is gearing up for the Fall. The leaves have barely changed colors and they’ve opened the gates, releasing films on the lower budget end of the spectrum, but still equally entertaining.

1. Easy A
Sure to push Resident Evil: Afterlife out of its number one spot, Easy A will top the box office. Taking only $8 million to produce (yes, this is considered a relatively low budget film), Easy A chalks up to a worthwhile watch.

Porcelain skinned beauty, Emma Stone takes on the lead role in the reinvented tale of “The Scarlet Letter.” A familiar formula for young Hollywood: classic novels updated with a comedic twist (see Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You), it will appeal to the ladies. Yet, the off-beat awkward humor that has made films such as the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World-like franchises so profitable has been incorporated, which the young men will tolerate.

For those who fell asleep in high school English class, “The Scarlet Letter” takes on sex and gossip. Aside from being a true literary classic, those two words alone bring in an audience.

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2. The TownMost would believe that Ben Affleck’s come back film, The Town,
will dominate the box office. It will be a tough race considering how
much promotion went into the film. Plus, the film is packed with
mega-stars Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm and Blake Livelyin addition to a few criminals and some brutal, saturated Boston accents.The
town comes across as a very aggressive, heist film – perfect for a
testosterone driven audience, BUT there are a few trailers out there. If
you want to see how deep the story goes, check out the trailer the follows Ben Affleck’s love interest in the film.
You know, she’s the girl he wants to go straight for… after he falls
in love with her when he takes her hostage during his last bank robbery.
And no, she has no idea. Ah, there’s the rub.3. DevilM. Night Shyamalan is taking his umpteenth at bat with his latest film, Devil. Given his track record since The Sixth Sense and reaffirmed with The Last Airbender,
he’s sure to have a dud on his hands, which begs the question: how is
this man still making movies? His dedicated cult really needs to stop.Plot: a group of people get stuck in an elevator with a satanic creature. Sadly, this is only one of the films promised in a set Shyamalan promises us in “Night Chronicles” trilogy. The only reason this comes before Alpha and Omega
is… well, to be honest… because that film has had zero promotion
around it and has barely made a buzz on the Hollywood scene.Happy movie going!