Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Predators’

I’m a kid giggling with excitement this weekend, because Despicable Me releases in theaters today (July 9)!

The cute little yellow minions, who are sure to be the slapstick highlight, are a mini army for Gru, voiced by the Emmy nominated Steve Carell – who’s hoping he made the right decision leaving The Office even though Date Night tanked. Newcomers to 3D Illumination Entertainment are sure to make a buck or two off the chirping doo-dads.

The film about a second rate villain with mommy issues and ambitions to make her proud by stealing the moon might not be as heart felt as Toy Story 3, but it comes close to misty-eyed levels when he opens the door to three orphan girls.

Plus, Russell Brand lends his voice to as Gru’s awkward sidekick. Two over the top accents? I’m in!

But if you’re not, the hunt for a decent film role for Adrien Brody is on! I mean, Predators debuts tonight, too.

Brody is taking a crack at action hero star. He’s bulked up, rugged up and hoping to turn a few heads – one in particular – since sci-fi horror didn’t win him any hearts.

I miss the days when he went for quality, artistic roles.