Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Unstoppable,’ ‘Morning Glory,’ ‘Skyline’

The mega movie question that comes to mind this weekend is, will Megamind be Unstoppable in the box office?

Director Tony Scott sure hopes not. Reuniting with Denzel Washington on their four action packed thriller (The Taking of Pelham 123, Deja Vu and Man on Fire), these vets brought on the sexy Chris Pine and GQ vixen Rosario Dawson, making quite the sexy red carpet sandwich.

Unstoppable is based on a true events (spiced up with some Hollywood flavor), about a runaway train rampaging through suburbia, with only an old school conductors and his newbie, how-convenient-first-day-on-the-job trainee to save the day.

Really folks, that’s the top contender this weekend… but if you’re absolutely set to see Morning Glory or Skyline, I urge you to read on.

Marketed as “from the people who brought you The Devil Wears Prada,” Morning Glory was probably pitched to Rachel McAdams and she fell for it. I guess I would have high hopes for this chick flick if the other headliners were Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, but really, Morning Glory will be on my list of DVD rentals.

The early morning banter between co-hosts that don’t easily get along in front of or behind the camera is the challenge McAdams’ character faces while attempting to help the show rise in ratings and simultaneously balancing her work-social life as to not become the stereotypical, city pavement pounding, work obsessed, female executive… oh wait, this is starting to sound oddly familiar.

Perhaps Skyline and it’s sci-fi, alien invasion will be a more appreciated break from reality. This film with it’s super low budget is just hoping to at least make it to the top five standing, in which it will most likely have earned back five times what it took to make. Not a bad ratio or goal when you really think about it.

But what Morning Glory has that Skyline does not? McAdams’ butt. Seriously, when did she get such junk in the trunk? Props to her and her leopard panties!