Martinis and Popcorn: ‘The Mechanic’ and ‘The Rite’

The Mechanic and The Rite equal a male driven box office the last weekend in Jan.  That is unless you’re like me and go to see Jason Statham’s B-list action hero movies and occasional Guy Ritchie flicks, because he’s the perfect reincarnation of James Bond for my generation - single or not. However, supporting his girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s shoe shopping habits definitely ups him at least two notches in my book!

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The Transporter turns hitman in The Mechanic and gains a little extra baggage in the form of Ben Foster, when he’s tricked into killing his long-time partner played by Donald Sutherland. As long as this film doesn’t take itself too seriously and continues to be the action packed, Statham flexing film that it’s set to be, then The Mechanic will be pure visual stimulation… for both men and women.

But, if you’re going for mental or soul stimulation then Anthony Hopkins always delivers. Up and comer Colin O’Donoghue stars alongside Hopkins in The Rite. The story is about a young priest who hooks up with an old priest – NO, not like that! It’s about exorcisms here, folks and apparently it’s based on an actual person and his journey becoming one of 14 Vatican-certified exorcists.

What would be more scarier than The Rite? Missing another golden opportunity to catch up on this season’s Oscar films!