Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Rio’ to mute ‘Scream 4′

Maybe I’m distracted by the flashy colors, pretty animals and the desire to take a vacation, but I’m banking on the bright lights of Rio to dominate the box office this weekend and slightly mute the release of Scream 4. More importantly, it will Hop into first place and knock the foul-mouthed Russell Brand from his thrown.

PHOTOS: Anne Hathaway brings frills to Rio

Rio has all the makings of another successful film for Blue Sky Studios, which also produced the Ice Age films.

  1. G-rated and family friendly genre
  2. 3D component
  3. Leading voiceovers by Jesse Eisenberg and cutie, super geek Anne Hathaway
  4. Primary competition for box office release is in the horror genre

It’s very unlikely that Wes Craven’s dedicated Scream fans will pass up their fourth installation for Rio, but then there is everyone else and with Hop on its third week, the fans might flock!

As for Craven and his dedicated Screamaholics, the 11 year wait is officially over and Sidney Prescott and crew are back. It will be nice to see Courtney Cox and David Arquette during happier times – err, sort of?