Martinis And Popcorn: Race To The Finish Line ‘Fast Five’ Versus ‘Thor’

It’s going to be muscles and machine against the Mjolnir and more muscles! Thor, God of thunder played by Chris Hemsworth, will premiere this weekend, wielding his mythical hammer against last weekend’s number one box office film, Fast Five.

Fast Five, which reunites Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, grossed $3.7 million its first weekend and now that we know Dwayne Johnson did not fall over 60 feet to his death, the cast will continue to push to stay on top for a second weekend in a row.

PHOTOS: Dwayne Johnson laughs in the face of danger!

But will it succeed against Marvel comic’s Thor? Although Thor is lesser known than the other two comic hero films set to release this summer, Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern and Chris Evans as Captain America, Hemsworth worked hard to perfectly embody the brawny God in his breakthrough role. By the way, did we mention that Black Swan Academy Award winner Natalie Portman is his co-star? She’s really carrying some weight these days – literally.

If glistening muscles are towards the bottom of your must-see list, romantic comedies Something Borrowed and Jumping the Broom release worldwide, too.