Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Green Lantern’

Green Lantern appeared to have the formula for another comic book based movie success:

  1. Cast mega-hottie Ryan Reynolds as the superhero. Throw in a few shirtless scenes and when clothes, slap on some green spandex;
  2. then cast Blake Lively as his love interest (anyone who can be the inspiration for Chanel must have some clout);
  3. and throw in some controversy – a few nude photos and an unfortunate divorce – for publicity.

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I’m not sure where they went wrong! Although the two leads were glowing at the Green Lantern premiere, the major buzz around the film has been how much the critics find the film lackluster!

E! Online rated it a “C” saying, “For all the talk of conquering fear and harnessing energy, Lantern ironically plays it safe and gets grounded by a leaden, spiritless adaptation.”

While the Los Angeles Times gives Reynolds some street cred to weigh in favor of the film, “The comic-book adaptation starring an able Ryan Reynolds is uneven but watchable.”

Judge for yourself and tell us if the critics are right on or way off! Green Lantern releases worldwide in theaters this weekend.