Martinis and Popcorn: Don’t Mess with ‘Pirates’

The sole box office premiere this weekend, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is proof that we do in fact know the name Jack Sparrow – and we know it well.

The fourth installment of the Disney film is the only film releasing this weekend – with the exception of Woody Allen’s independent flick Midnight in Paris. But it’s Woody Allen and anyone else would know, you don’t mess with Pirates. Especially when said pirate is Johnny Depp and he’s accompanied by the beautiful, Penelope Cruz.

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The pair have been have been traveling back and forth across seas to promote Pirates to the masses, starting at the Cannes Film Festival with stops along the way in Russia, London and Disneyland. It seems they’re really embracing the water theme in more ways than the film title:

  1. On Stranger Tides follows our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow on his pursuit to find the legendary Fountain of Youth;
  2. The newest genetic anomaly is no longer Davy Jones. Instead the seas are filled with vampire-fanged mermaids;
  3. and lastly, experts expect for most of Pirates’ revenue to come from the overseas markets. Early results from a Wednesday over seas opening in 10 countries brought in $18.5 million. By the weekend, every foreign country will have Pirates in their theaters and the revenue is sure to increase, according to the Los Angeles Times.

So Pirates is the smart choice, really the only choice… savvy?