Martinis and Popcorn: ‘Blue Valentine,’ ‘Biutiful’

There’s a resounding “woop woop” coming from my end, because with New Year’s Eve tonight that means that Hollywood is taking a mini break leading into 2011 and the Indie films are taking over!

Granted Little Fockers and True Grit will still dominate the box office, but if you were on the east coast like me, you barely noticed it in comparison to the piles of snow that kept us in a state of cabin fever.

How’s this for a New Year’s resolution: at least once a month, take my suggestion and see an Indie or limited release film instead of the mainstream, publicized Hollywood heavyweight.

For those of you that are ready to accept the challenge, check out Blue Valentine this weekend, which stars Dec. GQ cover model Ryan Gosling and the oh-so-serious actress Michelle Williams. The romantic drama – note: I did not say rom-com *thanks heavens* – is about a couple in the early stage of their courtship and then a few years later in their failing marriage. Controversy was stirred when this film first received an NC-17 rating for strong sexual content, that critics are insisting add to the story line, but fear not! The NC-17 was dropped to R, but we’re all a little curious to see what could’ve made it an NC-17, because you don’t see too many of those anymore, do ya?

If you’re really up for the Indie challenge, my other recommendation is Biutiful, which will help Javier Bardem support his pregnant wife, Penelope Cruz – my favorite Hollywood couple at the moment! Not that they need any help. Bardem is doing so well in his career that their first child will be eating off a silver spoon. Although snubbed of a Golden Globe nomination, there are some that say Bardem’s performance is noteworthy and will bring you to tears.