Martha Stewart Uses a Thumper, And I’m Not Talking About The One From Bambi

Martha Stewart is one hot cougar. Since she did a bid, she’s playing fast and loose and we love it.

Martha Stewart has a wild side. The TV queen made a guest appearance on the Howard Stern show last week, where she admitted to some juicy details about her personal life. Stern got the famous home decorator to admit she owns and uses a vibrator, called the Thumper.

Wow Miss Martha! She also said when she was in prison last year other girls would try and get her into some lesbian action, which she always declined.

AND: Martha let it slip that she was going commando right then and there!

Paris, Lindsay, Britney…and Martha. And Martha lived through her own personal women in prison movie, shanking a bitch in the shower and throwing down in the cafeteria. And this Thumper business. Granted, I’ll never be able to watch her wield a handheld mixer on her show again without thinking delicious, sensuous, nauseating thoughts but it’s worth it.

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