Martha Stewart Brings The Crocheted Poncho Is Back

March 4th, 2005 // 36 Comments

Martha Stewart has just been released from prison and she’s making a bold fashion statement by bringing back the crocheted poncho. Apparently the poncho was made by inmates as a going away gift to Martha.

[photo via AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I don’t even want to guess what the inmates made that poncho out of.

  2. jomama

    guess she’s been out of circulation and didn’t know the poncho has been declared dead&over by the Manolo

  3. lablady

    Actually, ponchos are back “in”! I’d like the pattern!

  4. Kit

    That Poncho is Fabulous! I suspect that everyone will be hoping the pattern will be posted — I can’t wait to try and duplicate that!

  5. Carol

    I definitely want the pattern for that beautiful poncho. Please post it.

  6. mschips

    I saw Martha Stewart live speaking to her company about the poncho. I also saw the footage of her wearing the poncho boarding her jet. I am hoping the young lady that created the poncho gets royalties. It surely will be part of Martha’s come back. I like it alot and want to get my own.

  7. Jess

    It is gorgeous!
    I want one just like it!

  8. Peggy

    It looks like a basic granny square pattern with large shells along the edge.

  9. Peggy again

    probably similar to this pattern:

  10. alwayzbakn

    Please let me know if the beautiful poncho is on any website. I really would love to make it. It is incredible

  11. Alma Jean Wells

    I just love that Martha Stewart poncho. I want to learn how to crochet that exact same one.

    Please tell me where I can find that pattern so I can wear that same poncho, okay? okay…

  12. Peggy

    Lion Brand is working on a pattern for it.

  13. Lisa Hartwell

    The pattern won’t help me because I can’t crochet and have no interest in learning – but I’d sure buy a poncho like that if I could find one. It’s so cute!

  14. After receiving the largest number of requests ever for a pattern, Lion Brand is creating a free Homespun® pattern to match the poncho that Martha Stewart wore for her return home this week. It will be available on the site at by middle of next week.

  15. Alice Zaher


  16. cindyrella

    Martha – you are looking great and you have really shown how to make lemonade from lemons – a wonderful example of how to bloom where you are planted. Love the poncho and would love to have the pattern to crochet – Inmate should get royalties. Love you, love you! Cindy Gardner in Ohio!

  17. Pat

    Lion Brand yarn is going to release a free version of the pattern for the poncho next week.

  18. Jenny

    Please tell me the above comments are sarcastic. I *heart* Martha as much as anyone, but that poncho is f-ing hideous. It looks like she has garrisoned some nomadic tribe’s shelter and is using it as outerwear. I understand the sentimental value, but if this reignites the poncho craze with a dishwater-hued twist I will slit my wrists. Bury me in something flattering and tailored.

  19. ella

    I’m right there with you Jenny

  20. I’m hoping to teach crafts to youths and the elderly for therapy, so I’ve been excited about MS’s poncho pattern from minute one.

  21. florence Penachio

    would like the pattern for the ponco made for Martha sewart

  22. Martha Valle

    That poncho is beautiful and I hope that the lady that made it gets recognized for her hard work because it takes time and lots of work I should know I make ponchos myself. Im getting orders for a poncho like that. Thanks to you I got the pattern. Thank You very Very much. God Bless! Martha

  23. dan

    Well, the knitted pattern for this poncho is already available on the Bernat website at They have it in Crochet and Knit forms. Seems all the big yarn companies are running around trying to be the first to get the patterns out.

    I think it would knit up nice in an alpaca or even a nice merino instead of the acrylic garbage Lion Brand sells.


  24. Margaret Duke

    The Poncho was beautiful and it so nice of Martha and her friend to share the pattern with us all. I am very anxious to get one started and would like to thank the lady that made it for sharing and trust she will get something in return for her sharing her pattern, which I am sure Martha Stuart being the great person that she is will make sure she is not forgotton. Thank you

  25. Tina Merrill

    Hi, I noticed all of the postings regarding the Martha Stewart Poncho. I just wanted everyone to know that I am making them and selling them. If anyone is interested please feel free to email me and I will send you pictures and price. I have been making crochet shawls and ponchos and selling them on ebay for the past year now. My ebay seller id is: catreenas_treasures I will have some posted on ebay very soon.


  26. Iris

    Thanks to all of you who made this free pattern available. I will get started tonight. I am extremely happy for Martha. I prayed for her thru her ordeal. She is a true strong person. Love to you.

  27. Martha Stewart Poncho Now Available

    The now famous poncho that Martha Stewart wore upon her release from Camp Cupcake can now be yours. Made for her as a going away gift from a fellow inmate it has become known as the “Welcome Back” poncho.

    Sew-Beautiful is now offering the pattern, hook and yarn as a complete do-it-yourself package. Or you can order just the pattern. They also offer a custom crocheted poncho. There are three yarn color choices as well.

    Sew Beautiful at also makes couture custom clothing for women. They make dresses, suits, evening gowns and bridal attire from photos or drawings. Chanel and other designer fabrics are available.

    Orders have been brisk and a whole new generation has become interested in crocheting. It’s a good thing!

    The website is Martha Stewart Poncho at …

    Sew Beautiful LlC
    Jane Langdon, Owner
    Suite 1010
    5670 Pennwall Street
    Madison, WI 53711

    1-877-355-7673 Toll Free


  28. Valerie

    I loved the poncho so much I started making them for sale!!! I just can’t keep up with the demand.


  29. Bobbie

    found the shawl pattern at and

    it’s great

  30. Joan

    Thank you so much for the info on Martha’s Poncho.

    I thought it was so cute, not suprised so many liked also, Joan

  31. Peggy

    Lion Brand released their knit poncho pattern earlier than they previously thought they would.
    Knit version is at and the
    Crochet version is at .

  32. Marie

    The poncho pattern is nice, but I’m with the woman who said it was hideous texture & dishwater shade. That yarn makes any acrylic look like pure cashmere! Anyway, only Martha would get a going-away present from prison. Maybe she’ll have a feature on handcrafted inmate fashions when her friend is “sprung”. LOL

  33. foreign devil on lgf

    I’m currently making the poncho from the Lionbrand pattern though Lily Chin has one too in both knit and crochet. [A tip: knit will tend to stretch more than crochet since this hangs on the bias. Beware!] The other thing is though I thought I read the pattern correctly, I seem to have added some stitches by doubling the pattern. The result is a nice curly scalloped edge which, since I’m that far along, I’m going to keep and do it the right way on the next one!

    It’s a very nice pattern to have on your lap during a movie. Ideal, in fact! Good luck, everyone. I’m in Toronto and I’m going to make them for sale as well.

  34. Rosa DeJesus

    Whats is wroug with everybody acting so weird over a weird PONCHO! In fact its one that was picked out from lionbrand something!something!
    Men you would think that these people never seen a poncho before, my good ness…gee… youre worst then the popawapcee- you know those crazy ones running around like a chicken without a head just to get a picture and a lie… dont call me ill call you ok…hee hee hee

  35. Lynne

    I would like to purchase a poncho like martha’s (in a diff color) is anyone selling them? Thx!

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