Martha Stewart Prison Exit To Be Televised

Lights, camera, Martha Stewart walking out of prison. A few years ago this would have sounded absurd, but alas, prison has become a part of the Martha Stewart legacy. She’s wants the world to know she’s exiting prison.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the lifestyle company that Stewart founded and led until a personal stock scandal forced her to step down, is planning to provide a flat-bed truck for the media to use to get a good shot of Stewart as she enters the chartered plane in West Virginia that will take her home, CNN has learned.

Stewart will finish a five-month sentence this week after being convicted of lying to federal investigators about a personal stock sale in late 2001. Her official release date is Sunday. But because that falls on a weekend, prison officials could release her as early as Friday.

The truck will be parked 100 feet from the passenger entrance of Stewart’s plane and will be available to television crews on a first-come, first-served basis. [via CNN]

Who do you think will get the first post-prison interview?