Martha Debuts, Bloggers Watch

And Miu missed it. The Tivo screwed up. Grr. Thankfully both Gawker and popwatch live-blogged the event, so it feels as if I watched the show.

Not surprisingly, popwatch seemed to enjoy Martha more than Gawker did. Here are their respective closing lines of their posts:

popwatch: 11:57 am Standing ovation. Beaming audience. ”Tomorrow is poncho day with David Spade — and Elmo,” says Martha, beaming. Well, that ought to be strange and awkward and a little bit fabulous. I’ll be tuning in. How ’bout you?

Gawker: 12:01 Why are we just returning from commercial? Why isn’t this over? Thanks to everyone, yadda, just like a SNL closer; tomorrow is Poncho Day with David Spade and Elmo. We can’t wait. Actually, we can. But our mothers can’t!
12:02 OMG, we totally missed the View.

Live-blogging the premiere of ‘Martha’ [popwatch]
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