Martha And Alexis Stewart Respond To Donald Trump

February 24th, 2006 // 26 Comments

Brace yourselves people, this feud going to go on forever! Martha is not happy about Donald Trump’s tirade and “juvenile” behavior over her comments on the failure of her version of The Apprentice. What does Martha do? She takes it to the airwaves on her daughter Alexis’ Sirius Satellite radio show.

“He sent the letter to the press before he sent it to me,” groused Martha, appearing on daughter , “Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer.”

“A normal businessman doesn’t really behave this way,” Alexis concurred.

“Donald is not a normal businessman,” said Martha, speaking from her office. “Remember Donald was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

“Or up his a-,” sniped Alexis.

“He’s a spoiled brat,” agreed Martha.

Of course Donald couldn’t let the silver spoon up the ass comment go without notice.

Told where Alexis thought he might keep his silver spoon, he snapped: “Nice. What a crude statement. But then Alexis is used to making crude statements. Too bad she couldn’t put two words together on her mother’s show. She was terrible.”

Trump noted that Martha had vowed on her talk show that she didn’t want to talk about his letter anymore. “But Martha has a record of lying,” hissed Trump.

Once again, we find ourselves calling out to Oprah “The Healer” Winfrey, to help bring these two former friends back together. The blog Give me spirit fingers dammit!! has some revenge tips from Martha Living that she may want to employ in regards to her feud with Donald Trump. My favorite is the Hate bouquet.

Martha looks ready to bury hatchet – right in Donald [Rush & Molloy]
Deceptively simple revenge ideas from Martha Stewart Living [GMSFD!!]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. BowandQuiffer

    Strange, but she looks just like Chastity Bono! You think she’s gay too?

  2. susiegrl

    Alexis is crude?! Noooooooo.

    Martha, a LIAR??!! Nuh-uh! Why she proved that when she went to prison fighting for the TRUTH!

    “The Donald”, NOT a “normal” businessman???!!!
    Hey! Just because he refers to himself as “The Donald” doesn’t mean he’s not normal! Just ask
    “The Edge”.

  3. spitty

    Isn’t this rich? Two wealthy bitches (Donald & Martha) grabbing press time about their failed venture. Mediawhores!

  4. spitty

    And what the hell is Alexis doing with a show?

  5. Neferi

    Oh, so her daughter has a show now! We are on the express ride back to the middle ages; where all opportunity in life is based only on your family lineage! For us normals, the future is looking bleaker everyday!

  6. Small Fry

    Donald, shut the f up. Put your pacifier back in your mouth and quite crying you big pussy! You’re a middle aged man having a mid-life crisis, marrying young girls…….where’s the corvette and the earring?

  7. LDS

    Whos gives a shit about these two?

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  9. Jenny

    Donald is a spoiled little brat indeed! Martha is the queen of TV right now and little Donald just cant stand it. He is so selfish I bet his wife hates his guts and loves only his wallet…… DUH. Don Don needs to just face facts he SUCKS. He will never be Martha Stewart so he just needs to go and have his wife change his diaper before he gets more cranky.

  10. ok,for comment #1 my answer is yes,Well i think both of these rich assholes need to get a real life.They wouldnt know how to live in the real world.All of donalds wifes look like they have seen a rat,with the face lifts,he better be glad hes got money or nobody would have him.As for “bitch” martha,maybe more people would like her if she would shut her prissy mouth.

  11. Jenny

    Martha Stewart is a wonderful person Yes she is kind of bitchy but how else do you expect to get around in a world like this if you didn’t bitch sometimes. I think Martha is very thoughtful for sharing her talents with us and making every day a learning experience for every one who watches. It more of those people who diss her would watch her show then they may even learn how to be a real woman. She can do anything she sets her mind to and she has proved that many times over. Martha rules!!!

  12. sodoff

    #3 Third comment, above all. Two very rich people having a row over a failed show. I’m glad it failed, we need to see rich people get ballbusted these days. Their too Fu42king greedy.

  13. Smith

    At least Martha worked hard to earn her fame and fortune. She used to cater to rich assholes like Donald when she started her independent career, so I doubt she is a rich asshole herself, though she might seem like it at times. I also believe Martha was right on the spot about the so called “failure” of her show. Who the hell wants to versions of the same show? Makes audiences very put off. I don’t even think it failed, it’s just that the standards were so high on NBC. The ratings weren’t even bad at all for Martha’s show, 6-8 million people depending on the week.

    Anyways, I support Martha. Who the hell cares about that ugly rug man? His career’s been revived by a reality show, dependent on the players. How pathetic is that?

  14. ANGEL


  15. The Kyle

    Yo fools. First of all, The donald may have been born rich but he worked his ass off to get where he is today. He owns the shit out of the loser Martha who is a whiny little bitch that had a shitty tv show and cant face it. THe show was terible, she made the name ‘apprentice’ look bad and deserved to get what comes to her. The donald is the man.

  16. Jenny

    Martha did work her ass off to get to where she is. But what pisses me off is the fact that all you lazy bitches that do nothing for a living can down someone who worked hard to earn what Martha has earned. If Martha makes you that upset then maybe you should try busting your asses like she did, and then how would you act, JUST LIKE MARTHA. I think that she is down to earth, she is very well educated and practicality knows everything. Everyone who don’t like Martha Stewart is STUPID or LAZY. But then again Great minds think alike. So if you don’t know anything then you should watch her morning show maybe you could learn how to start your own business and maybe prosper in life. Further more Martha does not share the same man as Alexis. For CHRIST SAKES Alexis is GAY. And no she don’t steal anyone’s Recipes every one who sends a recipe receives credit. Have you ever looked at her web site. Just shut the fuck up about her she is way more successful then Donald trump and she is way smarter I DON’T SEE DON DON WITH A MORNING TV SHOW WITH 15 NOMINATIONS FOR BEST DAYTIME TV SHOW. HE WILL NEVER EVER BE AS CUTE EITHER. So go and get a new life instead of just typing shit that you know nothing about.

  17. Lisa

    I agree with you Jenny.

  18. rhonda32

    Martha Stewart has the number one best selling book right now and it is ver awesome of her to show America how to start a business. Jenny your pretty right on when it comes to saying the things that all Martha fans would love to say

  19. Silasdog

    Alexis is gay? Wow, am I in the dark.

  20. RK

    LOL Jenny, your rant is priceless. Alexis said she experimented with women but that she dates men. However, on her radio show, she laments the fact that she has been incapable of being intimate with any man EVER. Maybe she is gay, but I don’t think she thinks she is.

    If you want to listen to Martha go off on The Donald, it’s on Alexis’ myspace site.

    Regarding the “feud”. Donald and Martha are both egomaniacs, but Martha has more reason to be. She built a massive company from nothing and the company actually gives back to people. What have Trump’s bazillion dollars done for you lately? Mostly, the bucks allow him and his hideous hair free reign over my TV, radio, computer and you name it. I couldn’t hide from him and his big mouth if I wanted to.

  21. johnny

    alexis is absolutely hilarious, not to mention hot. martha is a class act, and i love them both for sticking it to that creep donald. go martha!

  22. k

    Alexis Stewart is not gay. I know her, I work with her and she is quite heterosexual, thank you.

  23. BERK

    Dammit!!! I thought she was gay too!!

    *off to go kill myself*

  24. seriouslistener

    Alexis is NOT Gay. She has stated this on her show on Serious Satilite Radio with Alexis and Jennifer CH 112. She dates men and has been married once YOu should listen to her, shes great!

  25. LovinAlexis

    At least Alexis and Martha responded to Donald’s
    attack with class and grace. That is more than
    we can say for Donald. I really don’t see what
    was so offensive with the Newsweek article that
    prompted his fax to the press. What a loser!

    And, what is with the fascination about Martha and
    Alexis’ social life? As long as they are happy
    and not hurting’s no one’s concern
    who they date…sheesh.

  26. Marthalover

    Isn’t it interesting when a strong business woman like Martha knows where she’s going and is not all nice and cutesy, she’s called a bitch and when a strong-willed business man like Trump is being mean and tough well people say he has character.

    By the way, too bad Alexis isn’t gay cause I find her sexy. Alexis, if you ever want to experiment with women again, call me 1-800-Im-A-Hot-Lesbo

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