Martha Stewart Got Jennifer Garner Drunk For Christmas

Well, well, well…finally something Jennifer Garner has done that I can get on board with! The actress recently confessed that she was plastered during a recent appearance on Martha Stewart’s Christmas special.

Garner said that she was busy preparing for the show and drinking champagne but didn’t think to eat anything, realizing that she’d downed a bunch of champ on an empty stomach. Hopefully she remembered to eat when she was seen having lunch with hubby Ben Affleck above earlier this month.

“By the time we get to cooking and having our champagne, I hadn’t had anything to eat… and I got drunk. They needed it (champagne drinking) for continuity and it tasted good… and whenever I’m around her (Stewart) I suddenly get really West Virginian and southern… and so I got drunk and southern, and it was the worst combination,” she added.

“I can’t bear to watch it because I just started talking faster and faster.” Um, can I tell you that now I actually really like Jennifer Garner?