Married Man Channing Tatum Wants To Punk Lusty Groupies

January 4th, 2010 // 1 Comment

While he may have no intention of cheating on his lovely wife, Jenna Dewan, sexy G.I. Joe actor, Channing Tatum claims that he would like to test the correlation between fame and attractiveness.

Tatum admits, “I want to do a documentary where I go and find people and say, ‘Oh have you seen my movies? Do you want to have sex?’ And see how many people I could get to say yes. Just to see what fame would do, would it make you more available for sex.” Well, maybe it’s not the fame that has these ladies hooked, as much as the fact that they’re in love with a stripper.

As for his real-life love, Jenna, the twosome couldn’t look more in love as they made their way from a movie theater in West Hollywood, California, walking hand-in-hand.

By Lisa Timmons

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