Maroon 5 is Back

March 30th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Very funky, and kind of sexy. Who knew?

By Jessica Marx

  1. monica

    this doesn’t sound like a maroon 5 song. it sounds like a backstreet boys song. too electro-funky, don’t like it.

  2. flygirl

    HOT! HOT! Love it! Adam is hot as always. I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

  3. diddleysquat

    What I liked about the first CD was that they actually sounded like a BAND. This track sounds like every other dance song out there. Downgrade!

  4. Frida

    Oh! Love Maroon 5 and love Adam Levine, he’s hot!

  5. Top 40 sucks a$$

    1. and 3. above are spot on. So tired of mindless, talentless crap-pop. Liked their other stuff better.

    As if NSync-Britney garbage didn’t dumb down tastes enough, American Idol put the nail in the coffin. Generation Y blows. Give me a big ugly person with a voice that wrote their own stuff over some choreographed lip-synching plastic model-wannabe any day. (sigh). Video really did kill the radio star.

  6. Dom

    IT does sound kinda trashy considering the deep pool of talent they have to pull from. Lets wait to hear the rest, a lot of artists will comprimise an artistic album with one or two commerical friendly tracks.

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