Maroon 5 Headlines Windows Phone Launch Concert

Candace Abbot: It was my first night out with my Samsung Windows Phone. After a long Monday and some serious anticipation, “we” (me and my phone!) made our way to the Maroon 5 concert at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. The verdict? Sheer perfection.

From the moment I arrived I could feel the electric energy, not to mention the magnitude of the venue as images of greats like Janis Joplin and Miles Davis stared back at me. The crowd was trickling in (in true “me” fashion I arrived early so to scope out the scene) and the night kicked off with a funky old-meets-news-school set from a resident DJ, then moved into with a few announcements, tee shirt tosses and crowd amping from local radio personalities, Fernando and Greg. Needless to say, the concert-goers were pumped for Adam and the rest of the crew.

I grabbed my phone just as Maroon 5 made their way to the stage and managed to score some stellar footage of the flashing lights and Adam belting out the lyrics to their latest “I Am in Misery.” And although a pair of sky-high platforms were wrecking havoc on my standing ability, I dear couldn’t miss a beat. As the band moved into their next song–”Harder to Breathe”–I was immediately transported back to my college days (in San Francisco) when Maroon 5 opened for Dave Matthews at the Filmore in 2002. All I could think of (besides how captivating Mr. Levine is with his sleeves and white tee) was how awesome it’ll be to reminisce with my college buddies, thanks to these photos.

The band played a spectacular show featuring classics from their Songs About Jane album, guitar solos and tunes from their latest; they even stopped to pay homage to Al Green with a killer version of “Let’s Stay Together.” The crowd was all about it. My Windows 7 Phone and I loved it too. It’s our song, because after being able to capture last night’s event, we’ll definitely be staying together.