Marlowe Sturridge Shows Off The Cutest Hair Ever, Spends The Day With Sienna Miller

Marlowe & Her Folks
Marlowe Sturridge looks cute with parents, Sienna & Tom.
Few things make me happier than babies with hair on top of their head like that. I mean, just look!

Marlowe Sturridge was spotted sporting the Pebbles Flintsone look in New York City today and I am obsessed with it. I also love her spring attire. This is way different from what we’re used to seeing the little tyke in. Even mommy Sienna Miller got in on the spring fashion with her short, patterned dress.

Seriously, I can’t deal with how much Marlowe looks like a tiny Tom Sturridge. I don’t see any Sienna in her at all. Oh hey! Tom and Marlowe have even worn the same hairstyle. That’s parental love. 

It’s been basically a month since we saw Marlowe with her super cute red tights. I think we can all agree that we need more Marlowe in our lives. Ooo, what celebrity child should we set Marlowe up with? That is gonna be a fun one.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Marlowe channeling her inner Pebbles. I love the pictures where she’s attacking Sienna’s face. Babies are just so precious.