Marlowe Sturridge Shows Off Her Cute & Fluffy Self In NYC [PHOTOS]

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Marlowe Sturridge is truly one adorable baby.

The tiny tot was spotted in New York City this weekend hanging out and looking cute with mommy, Sienna Miller. Marlowe was just a bundle of fluffy in her winter coat and stroller pouch. Is it still that cold in New York? Isn’t it supposed to be spring?

Also, you know those hair clips were not Marlowe’s idea. Clearly this a case of Sienna taking over. Guys! How amazing would it be if instead of Marlowe, Tom Sturridge was rocking the hair clips? He’s definitely got the hair for it these days. 

It’s going to be very exciting when Marlowe gets older and we get to see how her personality develops. You know she’s going to be one awesome, hipster child. So do we think that Sienna and Tom are going to tie the knot anytime soon? Cause Marlowe is getting to the perfect age to be an adorable flower girl!

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Marlowe out with Sienna. So now that Marlowe is getting older it’s time to start finding her a celebrity child boyfriend. I’m thinking Skyler Berman. They have vastly different styles that I think will compliment each other very well. Leave us your picks in the comments!