Marlowe Sturridge Hangs With Tom Sturridge, Gets Some Kisses At The Park

Sienna & Marlowe
Marlowe pops her head out with mommy, Sienna Miller.
Well this is clearly your daily dose of cuteness for the day. Please enjoy Marlowe Sturridge spending the day in New York City with her daddy, Tom Sturridge.

Tom and Marlowe were spotted being adorable on their way to the park with a friend of Tom’s. I’m loving Marlowe’s spring ensembles. This dress is adorable and the one she was wearing the other day might be one of my favorites.

Now, this may be controversial, but I can’t wait till Tom cuts his hair. Not that’s he’s not awesome with the long hair, but there’s just something so sexy about him with the short. 

Ooo! Plus! When he cuts it short then he and Marlowe can be even more twinsy than they are right now! Tom should just keep his hair exactly like Marlowe. That seems like fun for me.

Launch the gallery to check out all the adorable photos of Marlowe and Tom. I love all the ones of her on the swing and especially the ones of Tom kissing her head. So adorable! Tell us how much you love this father daughter duo in the comments!