Mark Wahlberg’s Plea To Justin Bieber, Didn’t Read ‘Other Guys’ Script

Mark Wahlberg has been celebrating the good reviews for his film, The Other Guys. Its some funny shit and the success is well deserved for Wahlberg. Although he didn’t even read the script when he agreed to sign on to the project in its early stages.

“Will and Adam McKay, the director, took me to
dinner and asked if I wanted to do this movie. I said, ‘Fantastic! I’m
in!’ And they’re like, ‘Well, don’t you want to read it?’ And I said,
‘No, I trust you guys,” Mark said to America’s Globe.

Wahlberg has worked with McKay frequently in the past on other projects and felt complete trust in collaborating with him once again.

But now Wahlberg has been focused on a more important endeavor, his kids. His 6 year old daughter Ella Rae has caught the Justin Bieber bug and wants to talk to him on the phone. She expects daddy to deliver. Apparently, Wahlberg arranged for Bieber to call him at a certain time to make the little girl’s dream come true and the phone call never came.

“So, yesterday she came to the doctor with me, she came to the office
with me — because we’re waiting for this call … I’m starting to get
upset, man. I’m gonna have to mess his hair up a little bit when I see

Bummer dude! Hopefully that little Bieber shit comes through for you. What is fame and fortune if you can’t grant your kids their cheesy pop star dreams? Seen here with his son Michael leaving a karate class in Brentwood, CA on August 7th, Mark Wahlberg has had come recent cop trouble in real life, but kept it classy as usual. Like a boss!