Mark Wahlberg Will Be Brad Pitt’s Million Dollar Baby–Minus The Pesky Paralysis

OK, that title was a super-dee-duper oversimplification of the situation, but whatevs.

Brad Pitt is BUSY these days, y’all. Don’t be fooled by his casual posture in these pictures, if he’s not taking time to either acquire or make babies with Angelina, then he’s a veritable movie factory. Still in the midst of doing promotion for his Jesse James movie, it’s just been announced that his next movie role will be portraying Boston boxer, Dicky Ecklund. From Variety:

Brad Pitt is poised to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in “The Fighter,” the Paramount Pictures drama about Boston boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward and his unlikely path to become world lightweight champion.

Mark Wahlberg is a good actor and has been in some interesting movies, but I worry that he’s starting to get himself typecast as the unlikely sports hero who overcomes odds to do something miraculous. Like, do you remember when it seemed like Mel Gibson was constantly saving countries from the English? It was weird.


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