Mark Wahlberg Will Be Brad Pitt’s Million Dollar Baby–Minus The Pesky Paralysis

September 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments

OK, that title was a super-dee-duper oversimplification of the situation, but whatevs.

Brad Pitt is BUSY these days, y’all. Don’t be fooled by his casual posture in these pictures, if he’s not taking time to either acquire or make babies with Angelina, then he’s a veritable movie factory. Still in the midst of doing promotion for his Jesse James movie, it’s just been announced that his next movie role will be portraying Boston boxer, Dicky Ecklund. From Variety:

Brad Pitt is poised to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in “The Fighter,” the Paramount Pictures drama about Boston boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward and his unlikely path to become world lightweight champion.

Mark Wahlberg is a good actor and has been in some interesting movies, but I worry that he’s starting to get himself typecast as the unlikely sports hero who overcomes odds to do something miraculous. Like, do you remember when it seemed like Mel Gibson was constantly saving countries from the English? It was weird.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Thanks for posting those pix. Brad is a hottie. Too bad he’s dating a stick.

  2. laura

    Oh My God does Brad Pitt look the absolute double of Benecio Del Toro in the 3rd pic?

    Remember the ASL posting a few months ago with Benecio dressed up as Che? Gorgeous pics ; )

  3. patty

    Love Mark Wahlberg, but will skip this movie when it is released; as long as PittY-Boy remains a moraless ass, i refuse to see anything he acts/produces/directs

  4. simon

    Some FACTS:

    He doesn’t “date” her. She is a WIFE
    to him – papers or not – that HE

    He is also a father of her adorable
    baby girl, and
    they NEVER separate. That is not just
    “dating”, don’t u think?!

    Besides, she did NOT diet. She leads a
    very busy life, has 4 (four!) little ones
    that mean everything to her to care for,
    she was breast-feeding for almost a year,
    and she lost her mom in Jan this year!
    However, skinny or fat, with that face-
    that no amount of plastics can give
    to others – she is always gorgeous. Pitt
    obviously agrees! He is 12 years older
    than her, and already looks haggard
    sometimes. But, she LOVES him, and the
    man is finally ALIVE and happy.
    Please check her newest pics from the
    JJ’s NY premiere.
    She’s back on track, curves and all.
    But! there is still so much MORE to her –
    than “just looks”. And, jeah, Brad knows
    that too. And so do …millions of others!

  5. green cardigan

    Sigh ….. security just isn’t as tight as it should be over at Jared.

  6. Jubilee

    patty said:
    Who are you to judge? He/she who is without sin cast the first stone.

  7. nastybugger

    simon, dear…

    it’s funny that you mention “that face-that no amount of plastics can give to others”…

    you DO know that angie’s had work done, don’t you?

    but you’re right…there’s so much more to her than looks…like her chicken legs, her enormous skeleton hands, her veiny arms, not to mention her delusions of grandeur…

  8. blady02

    Brad better watch out Mark Wahlberg is better looking and a lot tougher than he is…. He looks like a sissy boy next to the man! I don’t know that I will see that one but damnit I love Mark Wahlberg, I switched to his movies when Brad became such a disappointment! I wonder how old Brad feels about standing next to the gorgeous, hottest man alive Johnny Depp!!! He sure could learn a lot about life and women from the class act JD.

  9. Simon


    It’s scary what you must think
    of others, if you have “something”
    against Angelina! Maybe you should
    think before you post.

    You already KNOW what I meant. I was
    talking about her being a generous and
    genuine humanitarian since the early 2001
    (way pre-Brad! and the Global Humanitarian
    of the Year at that, too), an activist
    that makes things WORK, a doted mom
    to 4 kiddies AND the voice of millions of
    kids around the world, an author (ALL
    the proceeds from her book on her many
    travels as a humanitarian – Notes From
    My Travels – go to UN;
    everyone should read it, WILL HELP SOME
    to BE a better person, trust me!).
    She is also a member of the Foreign
    Relations Committee (the so-called “THINK
    tank”), and. back-to-back TIME Most
    Influential Person in the World.
    If those highlights are not enough! she
    is also an Oscar-winning actress (plus
    3 Golden Globes, 2 SAG awards), a
    producer, a director, and even a
    PILOT! AND SHE IS ONLY 32, doing this
    for almost 7 (seven) years!
    You MUST agree that is TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE!

    I know this is about Brad Pitt, but
    THE SENSE. Wishing them, and their
    family, ALL THE BEST.
    Hopefully, nonsense like yours, will
    stop. It’s about time.

  10. sheryl

    God, more boring Pitt sh*t! I’m sorry, I just had to say it. I mean, come on! I saw/heard some of the GMA interview on TV yesterday morning while getting ready for work, and the guy is not articulate at all!!!

  11. Shootingstar

    Brad better load up on botox, because Mark Wahlberg is the hotness.

  12. whatever

    All I know is that this movie should have lots of sweaty and half naked Brad and Mark. Yummy! I think I will pop in fight club tonight.

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