Mark Wahlberg Throws Punches In The Boxing Ring

I’d hit that. Pun totally intended. I’ll say it once again, even bloody, Mark Wahlberg still looks mighty fine. The blood is fake of course. Mark is filming a scene for The Fighter in which a dingy Boston gym was transformed into Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace to re-enact the memorable Mickey Ward vs. Alfonso Sanchez battle from April 12, 1997.

Wahlberg looked to be in amazing shape as he danced around the ring and exchanged blows with the actor playing Sanchez, real life boxer Miguel Espino. Wahlberg received some movie boxing advice from director David O. Russell when his punches started getting too strong and later was dressed with makeup to make it look like he had received a beating.

Okay, Mark. Come to mama, and let me dress those fake wounds.

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