Mark Wahlberg Says Get Rid Of Lady Gaga

September 14th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Mark Wahlberg has started beef with an unlikely foe, Lady Gaga, who he said he’d like to get rid of after the VMA Awards (where the girl was practically inescapable).

“If we could take some videos off air then we gotta get rid of Lady GaGa,” Wahlberg said in an interview promoting his movie The Other Guys, which premiered in the UK today.

Wahlberg then sarcastically told his co-star Will Ferrell, “You should have worn meat to this interview. Maybe
[a] little steak on your head?” I guess he isn’t a fan of Lady Gaga’s (un)savory sartorial choices either. And Ferrell even joined in the diss fest, starting his own feud with…Ke$ha!

“I mean who is she? How is that music?” Ferrell joked. “How is she a star? She’s crazy!”

I’m with Ferrell. But I’m Team Gaga. She’s come out on top in many a feud before!

By Lola Robertson

  1. Riverwolf

    Sound like two over-the-hill grumpy old men who can no longer hang with the kids.

    And Will Ferrell? How is he a star? He’s not even funny.

  2. April Elaine Etter

    Riverwolf, I believe that many indieviduals have a lot of time ofn their hands; it’s unfortunate that individuals usch as him (Mark Robert Michael Walhberg), and others like him should just leave some people alone. I may end up wondering if the young will take note on such as these men! Therefore, as far as Lady Ga Ga is concerned. She is an amazing lady and I am glad that my sister Rita Maria is a fan of Lady Ga Ga! By the way, I love her hit entitled, “Poker Face”.

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