Mark Wahlberg Plays Golf, Promotes ‘The Other Guys’ In Australia

Mark Wahlberg was taking in the sun on the golf course in Rosebery after flying into Sydney, Australia and chilling at his hotel. But he wasn’t only there to golf, the guy is still on his promotion tour for the hilarious film, The Other Guys, which has been doing well at the box office here in the states. Mark didn’t even read the script for this flick when he agreed to sign on. The film doesn’t open in the outback until September 9th.

“I’m here to help promote my new movie and I’m looking forward to being here in Australia,” Wahlberg said.

Seen here with Will Ferrell at St. Michael’s Golf Club on August 15th, Mark looks like a boss in his fly golf gear while poor Ferrell looks like a goon as usual. Not everyone can be Marky Mark. He was recently asking for Justin Bieber to call his daughter which only adds to his appeal. The ladies love a man dedicated to family. Swing away Mark!