Mark Wahlberg Not Flattered By Drew Barrymore’s Phone Sex Fantasy

In one scene of her new movie Going the Distance, Drew Barrymore’s character engages in a fantasy over the phone with her long-distance lover and gets very hot thinking about Mark Wahlberg’s iconic Calvin Klein underwear ads. But when she saw him and told him, he was actually kind of not happy about the reference.

“Oh my God, I did tell him that,” she said. “I ran into him at an awards show and I told him I was just talking about how hot you are in your underwear.”

“Who would not be excited about that?” she asked. “He’s a very nice guy, and I have had other conversations with him that went much better than that.”

Even so, Barrymore put all of herself into the scene in the movie. “I was so excited to hit that [the scene]. And I really wanted to hit it hard,” she said. MMMhmmm….

I love how people like Marky Mark get so damn high & mighty about their past as if they can’t even discuss it or laugh at it. It’s absurd to me. Take a joke and get over yourself.

Here’s Mark with his son leaving a karate class in Brentwood!