Mark Wahlberg Is Praying For George Michael

That’s nice, I guess.

I’d like to question the origin of this sound bite, but ultimately, some paparazzo most likely shouted this subject at Mark Walberg as he was walking down the street.  But I’m editorializing again, as I’m so wont to do.

Anyway, Mark had this to say about complete stranger George Michael:

“I was 16 when I went to prison but he’s been busted a couple of times. He should get a driver or go to Amsterdam where pot is legal. But my heart goes out (to) anyone who goes to prison. I pray for him.”

I’ll give Mark this, he makes some good points.  But I’ll be giving it grudgingly, because Mark Wahlberg seems like a pious asshole to me. But he looks damn good in his underwear.  

Let’s all send good thoughts to a no doubt bummed George Michael in the hoosegow while we gawk at these pictures of Mark walking around London Wednesday being holier-than-thou.  There I go making shit up again.