Mark Wahlberg Goes Home

Shooting Mark Wahlberg’s new film “The Departed” in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood was a great experience. for the actor.

“Sitting in the trailer on Dorchester Avenue, where I had gotten arrested by so many police officers I was portraying was a nice change,” he told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. “You also are reminded of the responsibility I have to create opportunities for those kids because there aren’t a lot and they look up to me. So I have to give back and do the right thing.”

His arrest was a wake up call, and gave him the jolt that he needed to turn his life around.

“It was all about being the tough guy,” Wahlberg said. “If you see these guys in this role. People who don’t know Boston or haven’t seen the movie don’t understand the world or that attitude. That’s all I thought existed. You have to be the toughest guy in the neighborhood.”

Now if he would only do another Calvin Klein campaign.

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