Mark Wahlberg Classes It Up

Having evolved so far past his former alter-ego, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t even seem to share a shred of DNA of the goofy Marky Mark of his cheesy rap days. From TMZ:

A winter chill blew through Manhattan last night, but one man, at least, was undeterred by it — Mark Wahlberg. Marky did his natty thing at a sumptuous soiree for Hennessy Paradis at the Meatpacking District’s clubby Gin Lane, then repaired to Butter for the later portion of the night. The sartorial theme of the evening was, apparently, diagonal black and white stripes — if the attire of Kelis, hoopster Chris Webber and rapper Omarion is any indication.

Would you look at that? Our baby’s all grows up. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing him walking around wearing just the Calvin Klein’s–you know, for old time’s sake.

Wall-to-Wahlberg in Manhattan [TMZ]

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