Mark Valley and ‘Human Target’ Premiere on FOX

Inspired by the DC Comic and modeled after Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, Mark Valley is set to be a HOT Target on FOX’s newest action drama “Human Target”.

The series follows Christopher Chance (Valley), a rugged charmer with a mysterious past through fight scenes and explosions, incorporating the humorous one-liners heroes like Bruce Willis and Indiana Jones are known for.

“What we can do on a weekly basis are the moments out of our favorite action movies, like ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Lethal Weapon’ or ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ” says executive producer Peter Johnson to the New York Post, “where all it took was Indy with a bullwhip and a guy with those crazy knives, and he just takes his gun out and says, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ That’s just being clever with the action as opposed to [creating] big visual stuff.”

Along for the ride are Winston, a stable worker in Chance’s office, and Guerrero, the silent plotter with a malicious mastermind.

“Jackie described it best,” says Chi McBride, who plays Winston. “He said that Chance is like a recovering addict, Winston is his sponsor and Guerrero is the drug dealer. It’s a really dysfunctional family.”

A dysfunction family with guns, violence, and some psychological wit. Sounds like a happy time around the dinner table.

Gallery Info:  Mark Valley, Jackie Earl Haley and Chi McBride at the 2010 Winter TCA Tour – Day 3 – 01/11/2010