Mark Valley and ‘Human Target’ Premiere on FOX

January 11th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Inspired by the DC Comic and modeled after Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, Mark Valley is set to be a HOT Target on FOX’s newest action drama “Human Target”.

The series follows Christopher Chance (Valley), a rugged charmer with a mysterious past through fight scenes and explosions, incorporating the humorous one-liners heroes like Bruce Willis and Indiana Jones are known for.

“What we can do on a weekly basis are the moments out of our favorite action movies, like ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Lethal Weapon’ or ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ” says executive producer Peter Johnson to the New York Post, “where all it took was Indy with a bullwhip and a guy with those crazy knives, and he just takes his gun out and says, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ That’s just being clever with the action as opposed to [creating] big visual stuff.”

Along for the ride are Winston, a stable worker in Chance’s office, and Guerrero, the silent plotter with a malicious mastermind.

“Jackie described it best,” says Chi McBride, who plays Winston. “He said that Chance is like a recovering addict, Winston is his sponsor and Guerrero is the drug dealer. It’s a really dysfunctional family.”

A dysfunction family with guns, violence, and some psychological wit. Sounds like a happy time around the dinner table.

Gallery Info:  Mark Valley, Jackie Earl Haley and Chi McBride at the 2010 Winter TCA Tour – Day 3 – 01/11/2010

By Samantha Eng

  1. johnny

    yeah i like this show. i cant stand jackie hailey but this is the only thing ive seen him in that i like. pity he’s talking about leaving the show if his “movie career gets started, wich wont happen after seeing the sucky nightmare on elm street trailer.

    This is what tv show writers need to learn and Human target does right partly.
    1. Cliffhanger every episode.
    2. give your hero’s a sense of humor that make you like and care about them.
    3. Great guest stars from other action shows (scifi shows need to bring scifi guest stars on their shows).

    the writing for this show is excellent, the producers and writers hit it right on the mark for creating someone heroic. someone with a sense of humor and ethics, something that all depressing, dark movies today dont have and is why franchises tank (like bond for instance wich removed the humor that makes you care about bond. all great hero’s and action stars have tongue in cheek humor, arnolds one liners, stallone, clint eastwood, Harrison Ford (indy/solo had great senses of humor), mel gibsons early good work,bruce willis, even connery’s bond had tongue in cheek that makes you like the characters and root for them. even early great hero tv shows of the 80s did this like magnum p.i.

    It’s a trend I’d like to see continue. Hollywood and tv needs to stop making dark anti hero movies like batman begins, new bond and watchmen that no one cares about and people watch once.

    I for one like and recommend watching this show and hope they make more hero stuff that was like hero’s I watched when I was a kid,that made you care about them and root for them.

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