Mark Salling Is More Than A Mohawk

As you can see from these pictures of him with a shaved head in GQ.

Mark Salling is totally transformed from cougar magnet football player to surfer beach bum in this photoshoot, though we knew he was good at transformations.

What I didn’t know is that he moved from Dallas to Hollywood with his acoustic guitar in search of a record deal, not an acting gig. I can picture that thanks to the great shot of him playing a guitar out on the beach. So can he play some of his original music during Glee’s summer tour? “I think Fox would probably shit a brick over that,” he laughs.

Another thing I wouldn’t have guessed about Mark, he was doing a cleanse during this photoshoot. He doesn’t even remember it because “I was right in the middle of one of those cleanse fasts,” he says. Just don’t loose cleanse those abs away.