Mark Wahlberg Was Okay With Looking Stupid On ‘Ted’ Set [PHOTOS]

Mark Wahlberg had no qualms about looking stupid while filming his new comedy Ted, insisting he’s not as “self-conscious” as he was in his younger days. The Departed star had to use his imagination to shoot scenes in Seth MacFarlane’s film, which uses CGI to create a foul-mouthed teddy bear which comes to life.

Wahlberg, seen here today (June 26, 2012) on the set of 2 Guns, relished acting the fool on the big screen, but admits he would have struggled with the part earlier in his career because he was desperate to appear cool.

He tells MTV News, “I’ve really found myself in a really comfortable position. I’ve always said that years ago I wouldn’t have been able to do something like this: I was a little too self-conscious. And now, being a married father of four, I don’t give a s**t about what anyone thinks. So I’m just ready to get crazy, look stupid, come off as being ridiculous, and that’s what acting is…” 

“I’ve seen it in some really young actors – coming from a musical background, coming from the street, always worrying about being cool, wanting to be perceived as hip, you don’t want to do too many things that may make you look a little skeptical.”

I personally cannot wait to see this movie. Mark is a funny guy.