Mark Wahlberg’s Muscles Join Denzel Washington & Paula Patton On ‘2 Guns’ Set

Do you think Mark Wahlberg could bench press me if I asked him to?

I mean, obviously he doesn’t mind showing off what the good Lord gave him. Example 1. Example 2. Example HOLY ****. I don’t see why he can’t make my dreams come true while he’s at it.

For my Southwest ladies, Mark is down in New Mexico filming his new action movie 2 Guns, and you’re welcome in advance, but he decided to literally bring out the gun show for display. (I’m sorry…I had to…)

Our creeping schedule has been tracking Mark’s muscle tee, Denzel Washington and Paula Patton in full force during their filming, and judging by the gallery, I’ve already pre-purchased my tickets on Fandango. Isn’t he a dad of 5? Just makes him hotter!