Mark Wahlberg May Have Own Reality Show, Teams Up With Taco Bell

Mark Wahlberg is a man with a plan. And a very serious one at that. Mark recently announced that he and his brothers, Donnie and Paul, will be opening up a burger joint in Boston called Wahlburger (seriously, best name ever, I died), but that’s not where he’s stopping. According to E! Online, the brothers may get their own reality show which follows the restaurant opening.

However, Mark isn’t too excited to actually be on the show. “Maybe I’ll be the Charlie’s Angels of reality TV. You’ll hear my voice. But obviously it’s something that we’d want to control in every aspect and produce and make sure that we were doing something really quality.” I don’t know how excited I’d be to watch it without Mark. I just wanna see him bitch someone out!

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In addition to the food business, Mark and his Mark Wahlberg Foundation have teamed up with the Taco Bell Foundation to help the L.A. Harbor Boys & Girls club. They are working to get kids out of trouble and graduating. Now that is wonderful.

After that, Mark plans to take over the world by getting Americans into fitness, eating right and dressing right. I’m sure all of the new Entourage movie will be one big subliminal message for Americans to stop being lazy. I’m so down! Check out the gallery for photos of Mark at his Taco Bell event. I think I love him.