Mark Wahlberg Checks Out His Junk, Does Some Unusual Crunches [PHOTOS]

If only he had his shirt off this time as well.

On Saturday (March 30), after shooting the driving scene, Mark Wahlberg could be seen walking around set on Pain and Gain in a tank top and a pair of short black shorts. The bulky actor even pulled his already short shorts up high to check for bruises on his leg.

Today, Mark was snapped putting his core strength on display as he does sit-ups off wall of the rooftop Sun Gym in Miami, Florida.

Wahlberg will be seen in the upcoming film Ted of which the hilarious and VERY NSFW red band trailer has been released. In Seth MacFarlane’s directed film John (Mark Wahlberg) brings his childhood teddy bear to life with a wish and must deal with the consequences.

Ted is due to arrive in theaters July 13. Watch the trailer.