Mark Salling The Superhero! Plus Details On The Break-Up Episode [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

So who else has been missing Puck on Glee?

It looks like Mark Salling is set to make an appearance on the show donning a a superhero costume, complete with red mohawk and fake abs. The actor was spotted on set today (October 01, 2012) in Los Angeles, CA.

This week’s episode of Glee looks like it will be super heart wrenching. The episode is titled The Break-Up, so look for many, many tears to be shed.

Some highlights from the trailer (which you can see below) – Rachel tells Finn, “You were my first love. But I can’t do this anymore.”

Other things of note in the promo–Will and Emma face some changes that could split them up and could Klaine could be over? Kurt and Blaine are in tears… this can’t be good.

Listen to Darren Criss sing a stripped down version of “Teenage Dream” from this Thursday’s The Break-Up episode of Glee