Mark Salling Goes Blaine-Tastic On The Set Of ‘Glee’ [PHOTOS]

I didn’t even recognize Mark Salling in his very unPuck costume on the LA set of Glee today (April 16th).  A striped sweater vest, a bow tie, cuffed red pants and boat shoes?  Stop it! 

Salling looked like an extra in Pleasantville, making his way to the malt shop after a mighty tough chemistry test.  But now that it’s over, Mr. America can focus on landing a date to Friday night’s big game.  Cory Monteith, meanwhile, was looking for the door to 1887.  The only thing missing from his Sherlock Holmes-ish getup was a pipe.

Here’s another possible reason their costumes are all wonky : Salling is dressed as Blaine, and Corey is dressed as Kurt in the most glorious cape.  Duh, Kelly.

And then we have Jenna Ushkowitz, who was still in hair and makeup when this photo was taken.