Mark Ruffalo Starts Building His ‘Hulk’ Bod

Mark Ruffalo will start bulking up soon for his “meaty” role in The Avengers as the Hulk. However, the indie actor (who seemed somewhat of an uncharacteristic choice for the role) admitted that the director doesn’t want him to be too meaty.

“They want me mean and lean, but they don’t want me big and buff,” he said. The actor will stick to a routine of tai kwon doe, Pilates and gymnastics…and lots of calories. He won’t be weighing himself, that is.

“Forget that,” Ruffalo said. “I gotta keep building and building and building. You have to eat to build muscle.”

The actor, pictured at the Oxfam party in L.A. on Nov. 18, said he has experience with getting fit from being a high school athlete.

“I was a wrestler,” he said. “I’m used to starving myself. It’s easy for me. The last two weeks you just walk around spitting into a cup.”