Mark Ruffalo’s Rough Road To ‘Sympathy For Delicious’

Mark Ruffalo, photographed speaking at the Hydraulic Fracturing prevention press conference at Foley Square on April 25, in New York City, makes his directorial debut with the 10-year-in-the-making, Sympathy For Delicious.  Although some lucky people got to catch an early screening, the movie isn’t in cinemas until Friday.

The New York Post has an interesting write up about Ruffalo’s heartbreaking life travels and about getting Sympathy For Delicious off the ground.  The article touches on the suicide of Ruffalo’s best friend in 1994, the benign brain tumor that left his face partially paralyzed for months from surgery in 2001 and his younger brother’s murder in Beverly Hills in 2008.  Ruffalo told Details magazine that finishing the movie was cathartic in a certain way, “Not the heavens opening up. More like: I f–king didn’t die. I’m still getting by. Which today for a human being is a lot, you know?”

Ruffalo  made his return in this year’s Oscar nominated, The Kids Are Alright.  Ruffalo has a busy month promoting his new movie, winning others over in numerous interviews and getting ready to play The Hulk in the new The Avengers movie.