Mark Jenkins’ Bizarre Art Sculptures Will Make You Do A Double Take [PHOTOS]

Celebs Painted
Celebrities depicted in Renaissance paintings.
American street artist Mark Jenkins’ models of people lying in the street or on rooftops and in rivers have led to worried calls to police, paramedics and firefighters. Mark, 41, travels the world placing his unusual temporary artworks in busy urban areas.

He said his aim is to get people to look up from their mobile phones for a split second and engage with the world around them. He started his career by placing a figure in a refuse dump in Rio de Janeiro to draw attention to children living in the streets. He uses box-sealing tape and mannequins to create the figures before sometimes adding clothes for realism.

The 41-year-old, said of his work, “I like getting people to question their surroundings, what is real and what isn’t. These days, people are so buried in their mobile phones and I just wanted to get them to look up. So at the beginning, I was collecting social data about people’s reactions. But six years later, these images are more about poetry, of capturing a magical moment.”

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