Mark And Rhea Wahlberg Take The Kiddies To The Grove [PHOTOS]

Boston’s own Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea took three of their four kids Ella, Michael, and Brandon to The Grove in Los Angeles today for a birthday party.  Grace, the youngest, was probably at home taking a siesta.  Wahlberg recently shot scenes with Mila Kunis for the movie, Ted in Boston.

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Wahlberg confirmed at a panel during the Summer 2011 TCA Tour that he wants to make a movie out his hit series, Entourage.  According to Parade Magazine, Wahlberg said, “If I had to finance it myself I would do it…I certainly hope that this has a chance to become a feature film. People are always saying the episodes are too short. They want to go on a journey with these guys.”

Damn straight.  30 minutes isn’t enough time to thoroughly enjoy Entourage.  Am I right?