Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni Leaving SVU?

April 8th, 2009 // 32 Comments

Contract negotiations for stars of Law & Order: SVU Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni are reportedly getting so heated that NBC is threatening to replace the two.

Michael Aussielo reports that although multiple sources have confirmed the story, insiders claim they won’t make good on the threat. “It’s a horrible time to retool a show. They already have to change the time-slot, because it’s not going to be airing at 10 pm next season,” a rival network exec theorized.

As for Law & Order big boss man Dick Wolf, all he had to say through his rep, “It is my fondest hope that both Chris and Mariska will be back next season.”

Gallery Info: Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni filming scenes in Spanish Harlem on the set of Law & Order: SVU.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Rachel

    If they leave then SVU is done.

  2. Enid

    SVU is past its prime on a tanking network. Next year it will be up against The Mentalist, and good luck there.

    I’m so sick of actors who can’t live off a paltry $350,000 per episode. They are like alien life forms.

    Retool the show with Munch and Fin, or cancel the stupid thing.

  3. Jennifer

    This is to Enid; Law and Order SVU has not pasted its prime what so ever!! have u heard of the first Law and Order? and its 20 seasons? its still a hit, might not make it on any tv hot lists but it has millions of viewers.. now Law&Order SVU is no to be much more succesfull then the first or second of Law&Order’s in the series. And I think if you were an actor you would want to get paid the highest you can be paid, it’s called negotations, Mariska Hargitay is to this day in the record books as the highest paid actress. im happy for her! She deserves it along with christopher meloni, the show is based on them and there lives, munch and fin are great to but there “supporting actors”. Mariska and Chris make svu, because mariska is a product of a rape, chris trys and makes the best decisions for his family, you barely see personal lives of munch and fin, cause its not interesting…
    If munch and fin leave svu, it will be sad, i like them alot. but if elliot and olivia leave, SVU would be over!
    Law and Order SVU might be stupid to you, but its not to deticated and addicted fans..

  4. cosina

    “Rachel says:

    If they leave then SVU is done.”

    You are so right!

  5. MW

    Jennifer, please go back to sixth grade English.

    SVU is one of my favorite shows, but I doubt I’d watch if Meloni and Hargitay left. I agree. It would be over.

  6. Heather

    I am a HUGE fan of SVU and if Mariska and Christopher leave…I will no longer watch. They ARE SVU, if they leave then you don’t have a show.

  7. allax

    No Mariska, no Chris, no SVU

  8. katt

    y’know what? I’ll still watch even if they leave. Frankly, I’m sick of the “personal lives” stories. Munch and Fin are fantastic characters(hell, Det. Munch has made it for years AND jumped over from another murder series) and it would be awesome to see Agent Wong step in with more of the psychological side. a re-tooling might get svu to stick out from the pack of law and order’s.

  9. Greg

    Keeping these two stars is the most important thing these executives could do. People are caught up in their personal struggles as well as the criminal stories. If the writers are getting stale… hire new writers. But don’t change what works.

  10. Berna

    The main reason I watch SVU is Christopher Meloni so I doubt if Chris & Mariska left I would watch–Unless they got another actor on the show who was as hot as Chris!

  11. Melina

    If Mr. Meloni and Mrs. Hargitay ever left, I would have to resort to for all things SVU. Don’t get me wrong, I like Munch and Fin, but Olivia and Elliot MAKE the show. The characters are named after Dick Wolf’s kids for goodness sake! I am not into the Mothership anymore and Criminal Intent is ok, but I much prefer the brutal honesty of especially heinous crimes that SVU dares to bring to the table.

  12. tali

    law and order svu is one of my favorites series.. if they leave it i won’t watch it never again, cuzz it won’t be the a huge fan of mariska and christopher together in the serie

  13. Kim

    They better keep the duo. We “grew up” with the two. If they change them, SVU will never have the same kind of compassion these two characters are able to portray.

  14. Janice

    I agree- No Maritska, no Chris NO SVU!! They ARE the show! I have been watching since the beginning and NEVER missed an episode I don’t think I would continue watching NBC at all.

  15. Gene

    It’s true. Chris and Mariska are SVU.

  16. Lisa W

    I am with most people who have commented. No Mariska, no Chris, no SVU. Mariska and Chris ARE SVU and I will not watch again if these wonderful actors contracts are not renewed.

  17. dee

    if these two left the show it want be a show they make the show to me….

  18. OLIVIA


  19. Annie

    I can NOT understand why NBC would even THINK about cutting Hargitay and Meloni out. Not only is that a horrible decision, personally…it’s not going to help them in ANY way at all. The MILLIONS of comments all over the internet about this topic are written PROOF of what a mistake it would be to let them go. NBC should show what the viewers want to see and obviously, we want Benson & Stabler.

  20. Jen

    I will not watch, without a doubt, if Chris or Mariska leave. I refuse to. This series made them leads and as with what happened on X-Files in season 7, if EITHER of them left, I’d not watch. To me, the series is about the both of them, and yes, I am a die-hard, pray-to-God-they-hook-up shipper, (and btw, in my world, El is still single/divorced) and the series wouldn’t be the same without them. X-Files tried it, and it failed without DD. If you look at the ratings for those years, the highest were for episodes DD was in. The same would apply to SVU. If even one of them left….ratings would go seriously down in my estimation. Give them their money, and us our leads back!

  21. Rzmbhdzj

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  22. khdjkaosdhe

    i won’t watch this show if they leave.

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  25. Beth

    I love SVU! It Benson and Stabler cannot go off the show or it will be nothing! I love them both, although I do think in the up coming season a little more personal drama should be added…for example a Benson and Stabler hook up? Don’t get me wrong I love the cases and the show in general, but I would like to see a little more drama-p its what makes shows. I really hope SVU continues at least 2 more seasons… it is my favorite show- I have almost every season! I am addicted! I feel like I know the characters because they have been on the show so long and I really like that. Soooo basically what I am saying is DONT take Benson and Stabler off SVU….I love it too/them much!

  26. brandee

    if they leave svu….im going to cry my eyes out and i will never watch that show agian..i mean im 14 years old and i really REALLY REALLY!!! LOVE SVU i talk about it 24/7 i have also seen every episode atlest 5 times i love it soo much my friends think im married to it lol..but why does money even matter they should continue doing the show because they love it:] p.s. in the season finale benson and stabler should have a passionite kiss:]…just saying…lol p.s.s. im not a loner who doesnt have any friends…i just love svu

  27. kim

    if you loose mariska and chris over the money you would loose a lot of viewers are going to not watch svu anymore and there would be nomore svu and you would loose a lot more money than you would if you just pay them what they want and deserve, they are svu, they are more than just detectives and the viewers idenifie with there charictures, you loose mariska and chris you loose svu

  28. julianna hendrickson

    ok.. umm mariska and christopher cant leave the show!!! i watch every single show everyday no matter if its a re-run or not! they are the best at filming this show.. without them then there is no point to broadcast it. i have to say this show is actually helping me get through a lot of things.. like abuse and rape! so please stay on the show?? dont you see how many people love it?

  29. nita

    I’ve watched SVU since it’s debut. It’s a wonderful program.
    I watch the marathons, and record my favorites. I even have the box sets.
    I heard that Mariska has had heath problems with her lungs since December, maybe she needs to rest an get her heath back on track. Fans waited when he was pregnant, we can wait again.
    I say, give them their contracts…look what happened to “Bobby and Eames” when replaced byJeff Goldbloom…it bombed.
    If SVU goes off the air…it will be the end of the Law and Order dynasty.

  30. lauren

    if mariska and chis leave SVU then im never watching it again its my favourite program and i watch it every day. It helps you to deal with what actually happens in real life and how it is dealt with. They are the best detectives if it resulted as them leaving then SVU will be over for me. It is the best crime program i have ever watched

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