Mariska Hargitay Is All About The Kids

May 31st, 2006 // 14 Comments

Law And Order: SVU star Mariska Haritay is looking as if she’s about to burst. The soon to be mother is an advocate for children. She is a board member of Safe Horizon which is a New York organization that for 27 years has provided support, prevented violence and promoted justice for victims of abuse.

“Child abuse is everybody’s responsibility,” said Gordon Campbell, Safe Horizon’s CEO.

He says that after 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown’s death in January, the number of calls reporting child abuse skyrocketed. As a response, Safe Horizon launched a public awareness campaign.

“For years Safe Horizon has been the best-kept secret in New York,” Campbell said. “But we want to educate the community about the signs of child abuse and what we can do to stop it.”

Safe Horizon board member Mariska Hargitay, who plays Detective Olivia Benson in the TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” became the face of the campaign. Her picture is all over magazines, newspapers, billboards and subways.

The message she conveys is direct: “Child abuse: Turn your outrage and grief into action.” People are directed to the organization’s Web site,

“We had 40,000 visitors last month at our Web site,” Campbell said, a clear indication that the campaign is filling a real information vacuum.

Protecting city’s kids from abuse [NYDN]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelly

    She’s absolutely glowing.

  2. tilajo

    Celeb-moms, take note. This is what a happy, down to earth, celeb mom looks like. She is absolutely radiant!

  3. Mary Anne

    She seems very cool and down-to-earth, especially for someone who had such a famous mother killed so tragically.

  4. detbenson

    Mariska is the epitome of class and beauty. She looks like a “real” woman: curvy, natural and absolutely radiant. A lot of these wannabe starlets should take notes and learn a thing or two from her. I wish her and her family all the best.

  5. sycamore

    She is as beautiful as she has ever been, actually, even more so. Smart, too. Goes to show that not all celeb kids go insane.

  6. las

    She inherited some good looks from her mama and daddy! Having a sexpot and a Mr. Universe evidently carries over.

    And Katie and Britney should take notes: This is how a pregnant woman SHOULD look. Healthy, happy, glowing, good weight and good skin and hair.

  7. Kate

    I LOVE Mariska Hargitay! Her son is going to be the hottest thing around. It will definitely be much better looking than Shiloh!

  8. Holly

    She does look beautiful. That pregnancy GLOW. I just hope we get to see picstures of the baby. Some actors dont want their baby to be seen. We wanna be proud fan family and share in the ezcitement. We love you Mariska

  9. katie

    she is my hero for so many reasons… this is definately on the list

  10. Missy

    Congrats to Mariska! She is a beautiful and kind hearted woman and I wish her all the best. And keep up the good work on SVU.

  11. kim

    She is absolutely beautiful. She is radiant. She looks like the happiest mom-to-be.
    Congrats Mariska!!!!!

  12. Denise said

    I love mariska hargitay. she is so beautiful. congrat! mariska and new baby son. i love that i watch you on tv suv everyday on tuesday and friday and saturday. Your son is so big baby 9lb. My nephew was baby weight 10lb. 15oz.

    July 1, 2006 at 12:46am

  13. Tina Attard

    Hi, my name is Tina..Two summers ago, my now 11 year old daughter disclosed that she was being abused by her friend’s mother’s boyfriend..Luckily, justice was served quickly, and the perpertrator will be behind bars for a long time..We attend a weekly support group..She did see a therapist, but the therapist felt my daughter understood what happened to her, and she didn’t need one on one therapy any longer..I’m hoping my story can be related to Ms.Hargitay as I am a very big fan of her show..Thankyou!!!

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